What is KUHub?

KUHub is Koç University’s new digital platform being developed in-house by KUIT.
Down the road, KUHub will include academic, research, administrative, and engagement related features to deliver a modern and unified experience to all constituents, external users, and entities who interact with our University. As we make progress many applications like KUSIS, KUFIS, Event Calendar, Fiori Apps, Announcements, etc. will be replaced by KUHub.
KUHub will consist of multiple hubs. A hub is an app focused on a specific functional area.

The first hub is our central hub.
Campus Hub is the central hub where most of the internal engagement, academic, and administrative features exist. 

And so much more!

Future Hubs

When will KUHub be finished?

KUHub has a multi-year roadmap.

We are developing KUHub iteratively and intend to make a new release every month with new functionality and bug fixes.

Some apps like KUSIS, KUFIS, etc. will be phased out gradually as we develop replacement features in KUHub.

Our Tentative Roadmap

How do we develop KUHub?

We use the most recent technologies and cloud-native architecture to provide a robustsecure, and resilient foundation that can scale to meet our ever-increasing digital needs for years to come​.
We follow an agile methodology to develop the software while using DevOps techniques and tools to deliver and operate the apps.

We leverage open-source tools and frameworks heavily as and when it makes sense.

Technology Stack

How can I submit feature requests/ideas?

If you are a department you should submit feature requests through IT Project Request Form.
  • Business process and requirements analysis work are required before the development starts.
  • We expect the departments to be fully committed to working with us throughout their feature development as planned!
As an individual, you can submit your feature ideas through KUHub feedback form.

How can you contribute as a student?

We’re looking for help from students in software developer, and product owner roles. Based on your interest and skills you can contribute through following options:
Part-time Intern Jobs 
  • We have paid part-time software developer and product owner positions in KUHub development. If you can commit to a part-time schedule, click here for more information and application.
Senior Design Courses and Mandatory Internships
  • You can deliver a KUHub Project advertised by your department for senior design courses.
  • You can complete a mandatory internship (as required by your program) at KUIT.
We provide mentorship required to get you up to speed with the technology and methodology we use. Upon successful delivery of your tasks your name will appear on the KUHub acknowledgements page!
For detailed information about the roles, please visit: it.ku.edu.tr/en/kuit-careers